West Valley Septic Installation 

As we have served the Yakima County in Washington State with septic tank services we have served many different areas within the county. West Valley is one of the locations we provide septic services to in the Yakima County. West Valley is a place or residence in Yakima County designated by the census for the United States of America. The West Valley area has been annexed by the formal city of Yakima. In the 2000 census the population in the West Valley area was just over ten thousand people. If we look at the per capita income in the West Valley area we will see that it ranks 76 out of 522 for all the areas in the state of Washington that were ranked. 

If you live in the West Valley area and are in need of septic services like a septic tank installation, or a septic system repair, or maybe you need a perc test done, we are happy to help you with these projects. We specialize in septic tanks and making sure your septic system is running at it's fullest potential. We have seen a variety of jobs and are happy to help yours be our next job well done! 

The Yakima County area including the West Valley area has a variety of homes with septic systems installed. As more homes are being build in rural areas we are adding homes to the list who have septic systems. The more homes that are built away from a municipal waste water system the more septic services are going to be needed. As the city expands it is typical to see homes with older septic systems tied into the municapal waste water system that leads to a treatment plant instead of a drain field on their property. We have found there are benefits and downsides to being tied into the local municipal sewage system. There are also pros and cons to having a septic tank on your property. We actually wrote an article you can find below about the pros and cons to having a septic system on your property in comparison to being tied into the city sewer setup. 

If you live in the West Valley area in Yakima and you want to take the next step with your septic project here is what you should do. Step one is going to be giving us a call. Step two is telling us about your project. We will have some questions for you related to your property and what size system you have or need. Having those answers ready will help us to determine our next steps in the process. Once we know what you are looking for we can then design the system in order to build and install it. Once we are ready for installation we will come to your property and use our equipment and crew to install your septic system in West Valley. Once we have finished the project we will have it professionally inspected to make sure everything is in working order and it is going to serve you and your property guests for many years to come. Our job is done when the septic system is fully opperational and you have a smile on your face.