Septic Tank Riser Pros and Cons 

Here are the Pros and Cons to Septic Tank Risers

There are many benefits to have a septic tank riser installed over your septic tank. However, there are also some considerations to keep in mind to inform your decision. 

Cost is a factor in the situation. When installing a septic tank riser you are going to pay for the cost of the materials and the labor. Overtime the riser is going to pay for its self because you won't be charged as much when your tank needs to be cleaned or inspected. It is common for a septic tank to need inspection at least once a year and cleanings to happen every three to five years for an average tank. If a septic tank is easily accessible it is going to lower the cost a homeowner will spend on any septic service. 

The appearance of the septic tank riser is another consideration to have. The riser sits above ground level and is usually green in color attracting the eye as it looks around the property. Some home owners find this disturbing and find creative ways to hide the riser or make it blend into their landscaping in their yard. Another option is to set the riser a few inches below the surface of the ground so you can cover the lid with a few inches of soil but now we are back to having to locate the riser and dig it up whenever service is required. 

There are a few factors but not many to think about when determining the pros and cons of septic tank risers. In most cases it is always going to be better to have a septic tank riser installed because the pros of having one will out weigh the cons of not having one. Often times when home owners are considering whether or not they should have a septic tank riser installed or not they think through all the posibilities of cost and appearance. It is important to think about the long term and determine if this project is going to benefit your property for many years to come. If you have a really old septic tank that is going to need to be replaced in a couple years then you might not want to install a riser because it would be more cost effective to just leave it the way that it is and just dig up the lid to the tank if it needs to be serviced. If you have a new tank or a tank that you expect to have for many more years then go ahead and install the septic tank riser into the ground on top of your tank and experience the benefits in the years to come. 

Septic tank risers are strong but they are not strong enough for a heavy load. It is okay if you see kids standing on a riser cover but you would not want to have a vehicle or heavy machinery drive over one because the weight of the machine can cause damage to the riser. If you riser is damage from someone driving over it it will need to be repaired and your tank should also probably be inspected for any damage. You never want to drive over any part of a septic system. 

In conclusion we have covered the things to think about when deciding whether or not to install a septic tank riser and in short it makes a lot of sense to install one rather than not!