Septic Tank Pumping 


An important part to a residential sewage system is the septic tank. The tank is usually build from plastic or concrete and collect the sewage wastewater from your building. Where municipal sewer lines are not available is a perfect location to install a septic tank. This means they are located mostly in rural areas. Septic tanks can only hold so much sewage before they need to be pumped. The answer to the question of how often should a septic tank be pumped, is "it depends."


Generally, it is a good practice to empty a septic tank every 3-5 years.

The amount of usage, how many people occupy the building, and the size of your tank are going to determine when it should be emptied by one of our pump trucks. If there is a smaller tank with a large number of people using it we will have to pump it more often. The opposite is also true. If there is a large tank with a low number of people using it we will have to pump it less often. Some tanks might be able to go for ten years without having to be pumped, while others will need a septic tank truck to come every two years. 

There are also times where pumping a tank is actually required for the system to continue functioning properly. If a septic tank isn't working as it should it can cause a problem for a household. One might experience sewage. backup in the house drains, or sewage bubbling from the ground around the tanks location and drain field. In order to avoid expensive repairs and possible health risks, it is recommended your septic tank is inspected to determine a pumping schedule. If the duration from the last pumping to when you started having problems was three years then we should establish a pumping schedule that is less than this amount of time in order to avoid further complications arising on your property concerning your septic system. If you are unsure about the last timing of pumping your tank it's better to have one of our professionals come to visit and see if you are due for a pump. In this process they should be able to tell you all the details about your system and clear up any confusion you might have. 


One of the main reasons septic tanks need to be emptied is due to overload. You might not be experiencing problems but that doesn't mean you should ignore the responsibility of maintaining the septic system on your property. Having a septic tank emptied is important because it impacts the main purpose of the tank in the first place. Inside of a septic tank, the heavy materials settle at the bottom and gradually fill of your tank with a layer of sludge. Once the sludge builds up to the port in the side of your tank you will have more solid material headed inside your train field. This can cause clogged drain lines which will prevent any liquids from passing through. Another danger is unclean water making it's way back to the surface. When this happens you will definitely smell it. 


Your best option is to call our professional team to pump out your septic tank for you. They are trained to handle your waste and dispose of it at an approved location that will process it correctly. If you are in any need of our services or have questions please give us a call.