Septic Tank Inspection 

What you can expect from a septic tank inspection done on your land?

Schedule an inspection for your septic tank every few years or before you decide to buy or sell a property. It's best to know if there is a problem with your septic tank before it gets to a point where a lot of damage is caused. If we can prevent that damage then we all benefit from saving time and money because it is easier to repair a damaged spot in a septic tank when it is early on and it is more complicated when it is later. Sometimes damage can become so bad that a new septic tank has to be ordered in order to replace the damaged one. This is going to be the most expensive fix. You have to buy a whole new tank and then you have to pay for the labor to dig up and dispose of the old one. You can't just remove a septic tank either. First you have to empty it in order to remove it safely without causing a mess. At this point some repairs end up costing more than it would cost to initially put in a septic tank. When you initially put in a new septic tank you have to dig a hole to put the tank in and then you pay for the materials and labor to install it. When having to replace a tank you have to do all this plus the previous step of removing the old one so it can be very expensive. Routine inspections can prevent this from happening and all you have to do is set up a schedule with our team. Once we inspect your septic tank it is easy to schedule you for the next one. At this point our technicians will be familiar with your tanks location and how best to access it without disturbing anything. Please keep in mind that if your septic tank is under your yard we are very careful to remove your yard and replace it in a way that causes the least amount of disturbance. After inspecting your septic tank we can easily restore the soil back to its original state before the inspection started. If we do remove your grass keep it mind that it is important to apply heavy irrigation to your grass in order to help its roots grow back and establish health again. We are not landscapers but we care about your property and want you to know this. After inspecting your septic tank we will provide you a thorough report of what our findings consist of. This information will let you know what the next best step will be. You might need to take action in having your septic tanked repaired which we can do this for you. However a lot of inspections do result in positive results and this is what we want to see.