Septic System Install 

A septic system install involves setting up the whole septic system, from where the plumbing leaves your house and enters the ground. We have different sewage systems for different homes. A 1000 gallon septic tank is required for a 3-4 bedroom house and an average cost of around 8-15 thousand dollars. If the house has five or more bedrooms then installing a 1500 gallon tank would be best with a cost ranging from 15-25 thousand dollars. If you are replacing an existing system then the cost can range from 3-7 thousand dollars. Which will depend on the size and complexity of the project at your house. 

Special septic system considerations

When planning out the installation for your septic system, please consider the construction that is going on around your property. Heavy equipment is used to dig the placement for your tank and to also lower the tank into the ground. Please think about the area where the equipment will have to drive knowing that it will cause damage to the ground. After installing and backfilling around a septic system it is good to keep the foot traffic over the septic system to a minimum in order to keep the soil from compacting which can cause the system to malfunction.

Typically once a new home has the outside walls finished this is a good time to install a new septic system. You want to install a septic system before any driveways, sidewalks, sod grass lawn, or final grading is done. Keep in mind that after a septic tank is installed there is going to be some extra dirt left over due to the system volume it takes up underground. 

Septic systems permits, inspections, tests

In order to complete your septic project you will need to acquire permits, inspections, and possible environmental testing. Our septic system experts know what is required and how to obtain permits needed for the job. You will want to call the local health department just to be clear about all the requirements. A new septic system installation and can take anywhere from 2-5 days. The county inspector might have an impact on this duration as well as weather and soil conditions. 

Tips for hiring a great septic system professional

As you know, be sure to get several quotes before deciding. Don't be concerned when asking about product warranties or certain workmanship guarantees. Hire the contractor who has good feedback from previous customers. A business with plenty of experience is always a plus. Seeing proof of licensing, insurance, and bonding is always helpful too in order to guarantee a good fit between you and the company you decide to work with. We consider our job done when the customer is happy and we are happy to serve you. When we know the details of your project we can apply our years of experience and knowledge base toward brining you the results you are looking for. We enjoy what we do and we are happy to help you. If you'd like, you can give us a call today!