How Does A Septic Truck Work? 

We are going to go over how a septic truck works.

We also call them septic sumper truck, or septic pump truck. 

We will go over some of the information about operating a septic truck during a septic tank pumping and other services. 

The basics steps to pumping a septic tank are as follows: finding the septic tank, gaining access to the tank, incerting pumping lines into the tank, managing the engine on the truck to insure proper opperation before pumping, connecting the hoses, beginning the pumping process, monitoring vacuum levels during pumping, paying attention for any causes of clogs in the line while pumping, finishing the pumping process and removing the lines from the tank, inspecting the tank, restoring the tank to it's original setting with lids in place and landscaping returned. 

A septic truck has been designed specifically with a powerful vacuum in order to pump a holding tank full of sewage and wastewater. Once the vacuum pump is started and the opporator has confirmed there is suction, then the pumper truck is joined with a four inch or bigger line. The truck driver then uses the line to empty the septic tank. Pagani and Battioni are common septic truck brands, as well as Hertell vacuum pumps, Conde vacuum pumps, Moro vacuum pumps, Masport vacuum pumps, PB vacuum pumps, NVE which stands for National Vacuum Equipment pumps, and Juro Vacuum pumps, and so many more. There are different styles of pump trucks all around the world and depending on what part of the country or world you are in you are going to see some similarities as well as some distinct differences. If you have questions about a specific truck it is best to contact the manufacturer or where the truck was distributed from. You can ask them a large amount of questions because they know the trucks so well in order to sell them. 

The septic truck uses a specific type of vacuum pump in order to have the right power to finish the job. The pumps on trucks are going to vary in size and power but each one is going to be high in their class do to the job they need to perform. The pump on a septic tank truck are extremely powerfuland they typically weigh around 470 lbs. Wow that is amazing. The pump is bolted to the truck so it becomes a permonant item there unless it can be removed. There is a large tank on the truck that holds all of the material that is pumped from the septic tank. The large tank on the truck allows the driver to transport the sewer waste to a location where it can properly be disposed of. Just like leaving a job site, you want to make sure you have all your tools and everything is back on the truck and in the right place. This might be temping to not be as thorough as much when packing up but a good clean and organized truck actually makes work easier and moreenjoyable!