June 28

Common Septic Tank Questions and Answers (Part 1)

Common Septic Tank Questions and Answers (Part 1) 

If the pipes in my house are draining slowly is there something wrong with the septic system?

It depends. Sometimes if a septic system has not been serviced or inspected in 6 months then we would want to get the system serviced first. If this problem continues after servicing then having a drain cleaner clear out your washer line can fix the problem but again we want to have the system serviced first. 

Should I use bleach in my septic tank?

When bleach is put down your drain it goes into the septic system and will kill bacteria. A healthy sewer system needs to maintain a healthy amount of bacteria to function correctly, eating away at the septic sludge located in the bottom section of the tank. There are a lot of common products we use that kill bacteria. If these items are used in your home the solution is to replace the bacteria in your septic tank with bacteria additives. 

Can you explain a "leaching field"?

Leaching fields are made of a series of pipes that are usually twenty to forty feet long. These pipes are extended from a distribution box after your septic tank. The leach field pipes have holes in them allowing the grey water to leach into the soul. Gravel and dirt are laid below the pipes to aid in the filtration process that naturally happens with this design. When the water leaches out of the pipes the rocks and dirt will naturally filter.

Can You Explain A Distribution Box?

What we call a D-box isa distribution box. Usually a two foot by two foot cement box with holes in it, two to three holes where the leach field pipes are able to connect. The distribution box is in charge of distributing evenly the grey water after the septic tank into the different leach field pipes, also called field lines. When you get your septic tank pumped it is not necessary to pump the d-box.

Why is there ponding over my septic system area?

Standing water can be caused by a few different reasons. One cause can be from overflowing from your septic tank. This is commonly due to too much rain or there could be a crack or break in the main line. The standing water is commonly called "ponding" in the septic world. If you find ponding near the leach field area then this is most likely caused from bio-mat clogging one of your leach lines and it needs to be cleaned out and jetted to fix the problem.

If you are experiencing this issue or any other issues with your septic tank, please give us a call. We provide septic tank services to the Yakima County area and are happy to help you out. We have had multiple customers call with these problems and we were happy to provide a solution. 

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