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Common Septic Tank Questions and Answers (Part 4)

Common Septic Tank Questions and Answers (Part 4) 

I'm wanting to plant some plants like bushes or flowers over my drain field, is that okay?

Don't do it. Nope. Not a good idea. The only plant that is okay is grass. When plants grow over a leach field the roots can grow down and cause problems, resulting in clogged leach lines. You should also know that one should never cover the septic tank or drain field with concrete or asphalt, basically any impermeable material. 

What is appropriate to flush down a toilet with a septic system attached to it?

There are a lot of things that say they are "septic safe," however, they really are not and you shouldn't put them down the drain. Things that should not go down the drain are items like, feminine products, baby wipes, q tips, cat litter, large amounts of hair. The only things you should really be flushing down the drain are items like human waste and toilet paper. These break down in the septic system correctly while other items do not.  

Can I make a difference with my septic system by using energy efficient faucets in my house?

Actually, yes you can! Energy efficient faucets are designed in a way to save water which is actually going to help prevent putting too much water into the septic system and it will also help the environment by conserving water. Anytime we can conserve our natural resource of water this is a positive thing and should be pursued. 

There is a white pipe and it looks like a candy cane; what is that? Is it my cover or what?

This is not your cover. It is actually a vent pipe for the septic tank in order to help release gases from inside the system and it also allows inward airflow so oxygen can get into the septic system and help with the function of the overall process in your tank. Usually these vent pipes are placed in a location that isn't visited by humans due to the fact they can sometimes expel odors from them that are unpleasant. Make sure your vent pipe is in a safe location so it doesn't get damaged. 

Do I have to have my septic tank and system inspected if I am selling my home to someone else?

The majority of US states require the seller to have a septic inspection done on a home before the real estate is sold. If you check with the local Health Board you should be able to find out if they require a septic inspection to be done whenever real estate is being sold. This may vary depending upon which state and which town you are in. Every place has different requirements and some areas are more strict than others. Either way, it is always a good idea to have your septic system inspected in order to know that it is in good working condition. It is better to pay the price of an inspection that to pay the price of a repair team to come and fix it later because the problem wasn't prevented with an inspection. 


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