June 30

Common Septic Tank Questions and Answers (Part 3)

Common Septic Tank Questions and Answers (Part 3) 

It stinks inside my house right now, why? Smells like septic.

There are a variety of different reasons for having a septic smell inside of your house. When you call a septic service company they are going to ask you a series of questions in order to better understand your situation. Some of the questions will include topics like, "when was the last time you had your septic pumped?" or "in what room do you smell the septic and can you pin point the exact location it is coming from?" If we can pin point the exact location the sewer smell is entering your home then we will have a better idea of what to do in order to fix it. Diagnosing the problem is only the first step in the process. A common solution to these problems is having the septic tank pumped. Another issue that is common is due to problem in the drain field. Really the only way to figure out your problem is to give us a call so that we can discuss your issue over the phone or come and diagnose it in person. A professional should be able to diagnose your septic problem fairly quickly. Sometimes we have to do a little digging in order to know exactly what is going on but for the most part we can get a pretty good educated guess formed without breaking soil first. Once we have an educated guess then we can also best tell you what it might cost to fix it. 

I have a clogged drain and I'm wondering about the safety of using a product like Drano, any thoughts?

When using a product like Drano that you bought over the counter it can definitely provide you with a quick fix to the problem. However, the over the counter products are harmful to a septic tank and will actually damage and kill the bacteria needed to break down the sludge in your septic tank underground. It is common to see clogs return after using over the counter products because it doesn't do as good of a job when compared to septic services like snaking a line using a septic drain snake or having the pipes jetted professionally. So figure out if you want a more permanent fix to the problem you are having or if you want a quick fix that will only temporarily solve the problem and that will help you decide whether or not to use the over the counter products like drano. Keep in mind that the products can kill the good bacteria in your tank. 

Should I be using specific cleaning products in my house if I have a septic tank outside?

Here are some recommended product characteristics you should be looking for when buying cleaning products for your home that has a septic system installed. You want to look for non-ammonia, non-chlorine, bio-degradable, and non-toxis cleaning materials. If you have an all-natural cleaner it is most likely going to be safe for your septic tank and sewer system. It's important because these products are not going to kill off the bacteria in your tank and so you are treating your septic system better than if you were using products that were harmful.


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