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If you have a property with a new house or new out-building that need a septic system installed please let us help you with any questions you might have reguarding installing the best system for your situation. With our experience we are happy to help you install the system that is going to provide what you need. When installing we do our best to keep your property looking the way it should so you can barely tell we were there. Don't hire a team that leaves a mess when they are done. We hope to leave every septic system installation job better than we found it. 


Speaking of leaving things better than the way we found it, we are here for any septic related repairs you might have. If are having sewage backup, or a damaged tank or drain field, or maybe you just know something is wrong but you aren't sure what. Let us know and we will figure out the best and most efficient way to solve your problem. Repairing a sewer line or fixing a faulty drain field take careful work and we aim to provide prompt, reliable, and professional results to all of our customers. Don't do any extra digging before you let us take a look.


The most often septic system inspection is due to real estate requirements when someone is purchasing a property. You want to guarantee the system in place is not only going to last, but you want to make sure it is all in working order as it is right now. Having a professional inspection your septic tank is going to be the best option. Keep in mind if you need your septic tank pumped we can easily do a more detailed inspection at the same time. Having a professional look over your septic system is going to give you the peace of mind you need to keep trusting the flush. 




Septic system problems are no fun. Don't add to the frustration.

We've seen problems increase the longer people wait to take action. 

You need the best help you can get.

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Saying Yes to Septic Tank Masters.

Hiring a septic service company is a smart choice for many different reasons. A lot of people honestly have no idea what to do with their septic system when something goes wrong. There are strict regulations we have to follow when it comes to safely doing and finishing our work. If we are pumping out a septic tank, doing a routine inspection, or doing a full septic system installation we need to make sure our performance is going to last. Once you cover a system it should be ready to serve you and others for many years. We give our best quality work to our customers because we know the impacts our work has on the future. Our team works together in order to provide the best service available in the Yakima County area. We take pride in our work and have found others do too. Today you have the chance to save the day by calling Septic Tank Masters and letting us do what we do best. We thank you for this opportunity to serve you. 

Septic systems have come a long way over the years. They are not as simple as they used to be and technology continues to push the industry forward. We strive to increase our education daily in order to keep up with the best leading edge products and procedures. As our knowledge continues to grow with each job we apply it to the next one. This guarantees we are always providing our current customers with our best service. If you come across any specific questions about what we do or how it works please feel free to ask us. We are happy to educate the population more and to help others understand the importance of keeping everyone safe. If you see one of our trucks driving down the road make sure to give us a wave!

What happens when pumping a septic?

When properly pumping a septic system a technician will pump an entire tank down to the bottom. After the pumping is done the inlet and outlet tees on the tank are inspected to make sure everything is working properly and intact. We also check the count of bacteria and the levels of the tank. Next we ask the property owner to flush the toilets to insure flow is proper. Upon completion, a full service report with details is given to the property owner or whoever ordered the service.

Should bacteria additives be used?

Yes! Every septic tank must have the presence of bacteria in order to break down the organic solids properly. Many households today us a wide variety of anti-bacterial soaps, cleaning fluids, and detergents. These ordinary products for the house can do a great job cleaning and killing unwanted bacteria in the living space, but they also kill bacteria in your septic system that you need in order for your system to function properly. 

How often are septic tanks pumped?

Multiple factors should be taken into consideration when deciding when to service your septic tank. Some experts will say between 1-2 years. However, it's important to consider the age of the system, how often the garbage disposal is being used, how many people are using the system, and how often is laundry being done. These factors make every system different, which gives a wide variety to the answer of this question. One person's answer might not be right for another. The best answer is to call us. With our experience we can quickly asses your situation and give you the best recommendation based on your variables. 

Will it stink when pumping my septic?

Immediately after pumping the septic there can be odors. These odors will not last long and are usually outdoors so the dispersion rate is high. The smells are typically gone within a couple hours after the septic pumping service is finished. If you have to have your septic tank pumped feel free to go on an errand after it is finished in order to avoid the smell if there is any. Remember this is part of why  you are hiring a team to do this for you. We have the equipment and the willingness to make this process as easy as possible for you. 

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